Monday, 27 July 2015

Tour of Flanders 2016

A number of Law Wheelers are signing up to do the Tour of Flanders cyclosportive between 1st-4th April 2016. (8 and counting at the moment...)

Any local clubs or individuals interested in joining us please get in touch.

Do the sportive on the Saturday, then watch the race on the Sunday.
Rough cost of around £400/+ £45 for race entry. Includes transport of you, bike and hotel Inc. breakfast. (Beer money required.)

Get in touch asap if you're interested in joining us!

We will be sampling large quantities of Belgian beer post event :-)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

80th Club Kit Re-Order

Due to popular demand of the 80th Anniversary Kit, a re-order of the kit will be getting processed shortly for some more kit.

See the facebook page for more info, or contact Colin if you're unable to use facebook.

Sizing details as follows:

Captionless Image

Closing date of 25th July to get your orders in.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Hi all,

Hopefully linked to a copy of the June West of Scotland Newsletter


Sunday, 14 June 2015

20 Mile Time Trial Results

Quick Quinn Crushes Competition

The 2nd of the clubs confined events took place on the 14th June, 2015.
The final of the confined events takes place in October, for the annual hill climb.

 There was an excellent turnout on what turned out to be a bitterly cold and damp morning, however spirits were high.

Huge thanks must go to all riders who participated, and gave maximum effort.

Also much appreciation to those who helped out, Stephen, Dick, Mark, Ron, Colin and Officer Dibble.

Anyone considering joining the club, is encouraged to come along to a normal club run, starting at 9am from Newmains Cross, at the big roundabout near to Asda Newmains.
Difficult conditions, with a nasty wind and rather chilly temperature meant suffering was ahead for the riders.

All completed the course with a number of good times from the big guns.

Club "nutritionist"Taylor had half a bowl of special K to stoke his engine, and was clearly brimming with confidence as set off gently while playing candy crush on his phone.

Taylor has also highly recommended Cheesy Wotsits and a Curry Pie for a post ride recovery meal. The club have backed a submission to the British Cycling team, and are expecting to see Froome and Porte stocking up on Bell's Pies in prep for the Tour de France.

Comedy Caption Required!

Taylor, Club Nutritionist

The battle of the day was to be between Ian Brownlea and Sean Quinn for the second week.

Would Ian be pipped for a second week, or would he resort to sabotage?

The handicap calculator seems to have malfunctioned, mainly due to Colin being unable to work them out. Full handicap results to follow!

Results as follows

Rider Name Total Time Avg Speed (mph)
Sean Quinn 00:50:24 23.81
Ian Brownlea 00:51:32 23.29
Mick Walker 00:56:34 21.21
Jasper Post 00:58:56 20.36
Tom Barr 00:59:06 20.30
James Kennah 00:59:38 20.12
Robert Clements 01:00:27 19.85
David Stark 01:01:48 19.42
Derek Macaulay 01:02:49 19.10
John Russell 01:05:46 18.25
Nathan Smith 01:07:01 17.91
Taylor Kelly 01:07:48 17.70
Wilma Phillips 01:07:56 17.66
Mairi Macdonald 01:12:39 16.52

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Committee Meeting - June 15th

The next Law Wheelers committee meeting is this coming Monday, 15th June 2015

Meeting starts at 7am.

If you have any agenda items or points to discuss, please contact Mick Walker to ensure these are raised at the meeting.

Best of luck to all in the club riding the club 20 mile time trial and also those riding at Crit Under the Castle.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

10 Mile Time Trial - Confined Results

Law Wheelers Confined 10 Mile Time Trial

7th June 2015, 2015

There was a strong turn out for the first of the club's 2015 confined time trials.
The weather held out for the riders to have a dry day, although there was a strong breeze blowing throughout the event.

Iain Brownlie looking over his should for the looming figure of Sean Quinn, this was the showdown of the day.

Massive thank you to Dick Thompson, Mark Trice, Ron Graham, Greg White and Gordon Glover for their help and support during the event.

(Handicap results to follow later, keeping the riders in suspense for the Tony Sharp handicap trophy)

Big Congratulations to Sean Quinn for an excellent time, winning the day with a time of 23m 21s.

Also massive well done to Wilma Phillips for being fastest Lady at 29m 58s, breaking the 30 min barrier.

Nathan Smith put in an excellent effort for his second time trial, and was rewarded with fastest Junior position.

Wilma breaking the 30min Mark

Next week is the 2nd event, 20 mile time trial on the same course.

Following is the official times, ranked by time, and average speed in mph
Sean Quinn 00:23:21 25.70
Iain Brownlee 00:24:01 24.98
Mick Walker 00:26:11 22.92
Jasper Post 00:27:15 22.02
Sanday Watson 00:27:56 21.48
Derek Macaulay 00:28:18 21.20
Davy Stark 00:28:29 21.06
Hugh Burns 00:28:54 20.76
James Kennagh 00:29:13 20.54
Wilma Phillips 00:29:58 20.02
Michael O'Brien 00:30:49 19.47
Nathan Smith 00:32:42 18.35
Mairi Macdonald 00:32:46 18.31

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

2015 Confined Time Trials

Law Wheelers Confined 10 & 20 Mile Time Trials

7th and 14th June, 2015.

Rumour has it that Bradley Wiggins won't be eligible or attending the Law Wheelers confined 10 mile time trial. He quite possibly will have smashed the hour record, and maybe even come close to the record set by Chris Boardman for the Best Human Effort. (Best human effort is riding a bike that doesn't have to conform to UCI regulations and the rider can adopt the superman position)

Anyway, back to our wee world....

The first of 2 club confined time trials take place this weekend; Sunday 7th June, meeting at 9am @ Cooper Bros in Newmains.

Event is just under 3 laps of the "triangle" circuit.

The circuit is undulating and has 2 roundabouts and a left hand bend to navigate meaning it's difficult to get in a rhythm. Strava view here of the circuit.

Weather forecast for 7th June is currently dry, cloudy and around a 10 mph westerly wind.

An on-form Sean Quinn is looking to topple Colin Sergeant for the fastest time.
Unfortunately Robert Clements won't be able to defend the Tony Sharp handicap trophy, so this could go to a number of riders based on handicap times.

Wilma Phillips is favourite to take the ladies title, taking a break from the usual role of photographer.

Best of luck to all Wheelers on Sunday.